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Car downsizing as a supplement to walkability and public transit? : urbanplanning

For instance, large pickup trucks would only be allowed if you’re part of the 1% that actually needs something that large for hauling. But not for the people who just get off on how big they are. If you need a pickup as a simple utility vehicle, you get a medium or small truck. Instead of a huge SUV, you get a compact or subcompact. For a one or two-person vehicle, you get a microcar.

This could then be combined with systems of car-sharing and car-pooling, as well as methods to decrease the size of taxi / uber vehicles, and methods to prevent the buying of new cars without fully using up your current one. Maybe even some electric car initiatives too (but IIRC, the batteries in those electric cars pose problems of their own, so probably not at this stage).

One big issue is that these cars would still pose many problems relative to public transit, walking, cycling, etc. But, I think that it could still be a good way of watering down the last bits of car-excess, if implemented alongside public transit and such. Admittedly, if such a plan was implemented alone and without public transit expansion, then that would be insufficient. And of course, there’s also the practical concern of whether or not this is even possible to implement in the first place.

What do you guys think?

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