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Transit Ridership Recovering Quite Nicely : urbanplanning

Transit ridership has now reached 70 percent of pre-pandemic levels. For a while it was stuck at 50% and didn’t budge, but that is now changing. I predict 80% by next year and a full recovery by 2024, and possibly even ridership growth past then. Some people might be less optimistic, but I see a future of greater job and residential densities. I do think more work is needed to address public perception and real or perceived crime and quality of life issues.

Public Transportation Ridership Rises to More than 70 Percent of Pre-Pandemic Levels

Interestingly Seattle Sound Transit is at 87 Percent of pre-pandemic levels, New Jersey Transit is at 79 percent of pre-pandemic levels, LA Metro at 74 percent of pre-pandemic levels, and NYCTA (NYC Subway) at 72 Percent of pre-pandemic levels.

You can see the data for different agencies here:


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