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BC Canada WEEKLY ALTERNATIVE BUZZER ( Vol.2 No.41 ) Oct. 13,  2022             

   Public Transit : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

1. What should Vancouver’s top priorities be on transportation?Some  ideas by  civic parties in Vancouver BC by Dan Fumano


• ABC Vancouver (Mayoral candidate: Ken Sim | 7 council candidates): Transportation priorities for an ABC majority would include: building Skytrain all the way to UBC and pushing for a second east-west line to be delivered in the next seven years, a new rapid bus line serving the River District, expansion of HandyDart, an accessibility audit of all city-owned assets, and promoting the “15-minute city,” where basic services and amenities can be accessed by walking.

• Forward Together (Mayoral candidate: Kennedy Stewart | 6 council candidates): We fought hard to move ahead with the Broadway Subway to UBC and secured millions of dollars from partners to fund the next phase of development. We will now fight just as hard to accelerate the Vancouver Loop expansion to bring rapid transit to South Vancouver – the Vancouver Loop would stretch from UBC east along 41st/49th Avenue to Metrotown, serving Langara College and Oakridge Centre along the way.

• Non-Partisan Association (Mayoral candidate: Fred Harding | 6 council candidates): We support transit expansion and want to also build transit hubs with affordable rental housing amenities and child care. We also think we should reduce or eliminate transit fares wherever possible for groups such as children, seniors and those needing financial support.

• Progress Vancouver (Mayoral candidate: Mark Marissen | 6 council candidates): Progress Vancouver will get the subway to UBC built, with shovels in the ground by the end of the term. We would begin planning, securing funding and approvals for subsequent lines, including a Hastings Line to the North Shore, a UBC-Metrotown line along 41st Avenue. Progress would also work to bring back an upgraded Olympic Line streetcar connecting Sen̓áḵw, Granville Island, and Olympic Village with the Canada and Expo Lines.

• TEAM For A Livable Vancouver (Mayoral candidate: Colleen Hardwick | 6 council candidates): TEAM supports all modes of safe and efficient transportation, but believes frequent, preferably electric public transit within a five-minute walk of residents in all neighbourhoods is crucial to a livable city. It will hold a city-wide consultation on the proposed UBC subway extension to compare its costs and benefits with other options – residents should have a say in whether we focus on a widespread arterial network or a few expensive transit corridors. TEAM will encourage active forms of transportation like cycling and walking, but recognizes these are not possible or practical for everyone all the time, and that personal and commercial vehicles must also be accommodated.

• COPE (No mayoral candidate | 4 council candidates): COPE worked with allonboard.ca to win free transit for kids 12 and under. COPE will continue working toward free transit, starting with kids up to 18 years, expanding the $43/year BC Bus Pass to all low-income people, and offering the U-Pass program to all Vancouverites. These transit passes will increase ridership, requiring increased system capacity, which can be funded by dedicating a portion of existing carbon tax revenues.

• Green Party of Vancouver (No mayoral candidate | 5 council candidates): The Greens want to make transit more accessible and convenient, support the TransLink Transport 2040 plan and expansion of rapid bus routes, and complete the Broadway Subway to UBC. The Greens also want to continue work with the Ministry of Transportation and city engineering on slower safer streets, making active transportation a more attractive option by reducing speed limits on residential streets to 30kph, and we want to expand the public bike share network to transit stations city-wide to support last-mile commutes.

• OneCity (No mayoral candidate | 4 council candidates): We need to help people reduce their dependence on cars. This means making public transport faster and more accessible. It also means making walking and biking safer and more accessible through wider sidewalks, separated bike lanes and car-lite streets. And it means building walkable, complete communities, which is the centrepiece of our housing platform.

• Vision Vancouver (No mayoral candidate | 3 council candidates): We’ll aggressively tackle cycling and pedestrian safety by prioritizing enhanced, dedicated cycling infrastructure in three priority areas: Commercial Drive, Kingsway and Stanley Park. We will also improve transit service to pre-pandemic levels and beyond, with a focus on accessibility for people with a range of mobility needs. These improvements will reduce congestion, make Vancouver’s roads better for all drivers, and speed up movement of goods and services.

***The following party was not included by the Vancouver Sun article  ++++:

Vote Socialist: Movement for the masses: Free Transit and Active Transportation   https://www.votesocialist2022.ca/vote-socialist-platform/free-transit

Expand the transit budget to provide more service – add new bus routes to complete the grid system in Vancouver and increase frequency on routes that fall below the Frequent Transit Network standard defined by TransLink (every 15 min or better throughout the day, every day); 

Improve coverage and frequency of night bus service; Increase transit priority measures, including exclusive bus lanes on major routes to ensure reliable service; 

Advocate for additional councillors on the TransLink board (Mayor’s Council) so representation is proportional to population; Push for better accountability for Mayor’s Council (more open meetings and evening sessions, easier methods to give public input); 

Here is an update Vancouver Sun writeup about VOTE SOCIALISTS     https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/vancouver-election-2022-12-hot-topics-where-each-party-stands

VOTE Socialist (No mayoral candidate | 1 council candidate): Implement fare-free public transit; create more accessible streets with a primary focus on active, non-motorized transportation, and providing mobility options for people of all ages and abilities; advocate for additional councillors on the TransLink board so representation is proportional to population; create a more walkable, bikeable, rollable city through the enhanced development of a network of widened walkways (at least four metres), and bike lanes.

2. Many civic parties and individual candidates in other Municipalities also support Transit. We need them to pledge for a new PATH .The present Path is very SLOW. BC Transit , TransLink, Regional Districts, Municipalities need to massively accelerate our investments in Transportation.

In most suburbs of Vancouver Transportation is the No. 1 or 2 issue.

Here is an analysis by Paul Dangerfield, President, Capilano University.

Why transportation issues matter to all of us on North Shore

Here is the Transportation Platform for the Civic Parties in Surrey BC

https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/surrey-election-2022-6-hot-topics-and-where-each-mayoral-candidate-stands  By Glenda Luymes

Here is CBC report: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/responsibilities-of-bc-cities-1.6610937

3. transit accessibility

by Karrissa Ketter. News Editor at The Peak, SFU Independent student newspaper 

Greater Vancouver lacks transit accessibility

4. LRT to NorthShore by Stephan Nieweler  ( SFU Geography Dept. )

https://www.nsnews.com/opinion/another-call-for-light-rail-to-north-shore-5926817 https://www.nsnews.com/local-news/north-shore-needs-rapid-transit-now-sfu-expert-3084939

5. Tribute to bus driver who died at a Gastown bus stop:

https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/translink-bus-stop-sign-heart-charanjit-parhar     ; Gastown BIA wanted a memorial bench but the sidewalk is too narrow. Need wider sidewalks at many bus stops to accommodate benches  and shelters and provide comfortable waiting areas for riders

6. We need ” Transit Fairy ” at many transit systems here is one example:    https://transitriders.org/fairy/ https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/transportation/seattles-transit-fairy-beautifies-bus-stops-during-the-covid-19-pandemic-stepping-up/

7.  bee line for better transit ( Manchaster took it away from Vancouver )
https://www.transitunplugged.com/vernon-everitt       31 mins podcast

8. Vote for Better Transit on Sat Oct 15!  By BTA,

 Better Transit Alliance of Greater Victoria BC


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