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How do we ensure that people who have lived their whole life with cars will actually *use* the non-car transit options that are provided to them? : urbanplanning

I’d love for America’s cities to transition to multi-modal streets. However, I worry that many Americans would just reject them if they’re built.

Through no fault of their own, many (though obviously not all) Americans are extremely used to cars-as-default. Most already have one and use it constantly, and will see reduced car space as suppressing their ability to travel. This could obviously be avoided if they simply use the provided alternatives, but many will probably reject such travel outright. Or the idea of doing so will just not occur to them.

This will then make those methods–no matter how fantastic they would be if actually used–seem like unpopular wastes of money. At this point, the whole idea of anything other than car-exclusivity gets dismissed by the public as some naive liberal do-gooder nonsense, and making any further change becomes much more unpopular. Nevermind all of the countless benefits of multi-modal transit; people’s car dependent mindset will prevent it from ever being used, and that unwillingness will then be pointed to as evidence of non-car transit’s unpopularity.

How do we prevent a disaster like this? Or, will the above scenario simply not occur?

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