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I was thinking about the role of community engagement in planning and I’ve been reading/hearing a wide variety of takes—e.g. it is harmful (amplifies and empowers NIMBYism too much, ultimately very limited in scope; https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/04/local-government-community-input-housing-public-transportation/629625/ this article talks a bit about it), but I’ve also been reading some stuff about how it should be more front and center in planning (e.g. debates over zoning/development such as the ones in NYC that are often slammed, at least from advocacy organizations, b/c of the lack of engagement; e.g. the documentary My Brooklyn covering the development of Brooklyn, the LES/Chinatown rezoning plans).

I was wondering:

  1. does anyone have any recommendations for resources (can be academic journals, periodicals, books, whatever) that cover this topic? Am currently in an undergrad program for urbs but haven’t taken many technical planning courses yet. Also not necessary but I am more interested in land use/housing topics so anything specific to that is extra cool : )

  2. if you are a working planner, how does community engagement function in your work? Does it influence anything? Has your experience changed your mind on whether it’s harmful/necessary/just not done correctly?

Thanks for the help y’all!

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