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How to improve towns in the uk, they look a bit bleak : urbanplanning

I’m not a professional urban planner nor a peron who is studyingthe feild, I’m just some guy who has been living in the uk for 20 years and I want to talk about towns in the uk.

I couldn’t think of a better title but just hear me out. All over the net online I see people dissing on chinese and to some extent American cities calling them ‘le souless’ and I find it a bit funny.

Le personality means nothing when you walk down the street things look dated and there hasn’t been any infrastructure or technological improvements to it since the 1800s, it feels as if the world isn’t moving even though it is. Its a bit depressing. And it has an effect on people I think. When you look at a town and don’t see any improvements even after living there for 20 something years. You end up being pessimistic, and a lot of the the uk is pessimistic.

This has been my experience living in Dewsbury (dead town) and Huddersfield (population 200k+) in the uk.

Its just a but sad seeing china move forward with some of these brilliant looking cities and towns and then coming back to reality seeing the bleaknes of your town.

Personally in my opinion old cities need to have at least something to remind people they are living in the modern area and life IS improving (and some funding so it doesn’t get deserted).

Wether that is making the roads and towns look nicer, planting more trees in the cbd and having a district of a city/town centre be at the very least be half as modern as cities in china.

Here are some videos about Dewsbury and Huddersfield. https://youtu.be/CwMpsRV_fTU https://youtu.be/miDA1yebcgU

This is fujan a very poor city in china with a gdp per capita of 7 thousand dollars. https://youtu.be/o1S48lrwG5U

I don’t want to be seen as hating my country but I know towns in the uk can look a little less depressing.

I really do think there should be some money put in to refurbish and develop towns in the country, as they can look better and probably will improve people’s lives a bit, people are influenced by what they see every day, and if they see their towns impove then I honestly think people will be slightly more productive and happier.

Even developing a small part of a town/city will have a positive impact in my opinion, something that shows that even towns are moving on and heading towards the modern era.

I really just wanted to post this somewhere.

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