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Rent Control: Yay or Nay?

I've been reading a lot tonight about both sides of the rent control debate. There's a narrative that rent control has failed as a policy, often bolstered by studies from free-market economists, but I was having a hard time finding evidence in opposition to this narrative.

Eventually I found this article: https://www.hamptonthink.org/read/the-false-narratives-around-rent-control. I would be interested to hear everyone's opinion here.

On the one hand, the Nays say that rent control stalls housing development, contributes to gentrification, discourages landlords from improving buildings, and people are less likely to move. On the other hand, this ignores the benefits of rent stability, so that the poorest among us don't have to constantly move and can have a community and their children can go to school. I can't summarize the whole article right now, but maybe it's enough to get some opinions/answers.

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