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Can this notorious “Stroad” be fixed? : urbanplanning

Obligatory not an urban planner, just a citizen who wants to fix a notorious arterial “Stroad” and it’s intersection with another arterial road.

I live in my city’s western suburbs, which contain newer businesses and newer, affluent homes. There used to be a small state highway going through the area that connected Downtown to the state’s smaller towns to the west. As suburban development started sprawling west, this formerly small highway became one of the main arteries connecting the suburbs to the city. This specific area was developed around the late 90s/early 2000s around the intersection of the highway and what is now one of the main arterial north/south roads.

As such, there is quite a bit of traffic at this intersection moving along both roads, and turning from the north/south road to the highway and Vice versa. This is a 4 way stoplight, but the fourth one is more of a driveway for other businesses.

In addition to this busy intersection, however, there are a ton of different driveways for the various businesses along the highway and the other road. Because of this, the intersection can’t function properly due to people turning in to the businesses and leads to further congestion at the intersection. In some cases, people are unable to turn onto the north/south road because of the amount of people turning into the convenience store, meaning they have to cut through a neighborhood further down, creating unnecessary traffic on an otherwise quiet street.

Here is a picture of the area in it’s current form.

Because of this, I decided to try to “fix” this Stroad, and facilitate future growth along the corridor. Here is what I came up with.

Things to note are areas where roundabouts were added either have low enough traffic volume to support them no problem, or in the case of the arterial north/south road have them further down and have proven the ability to support them.

The removal of driveways and creation of other open areas could mean the potential for more native plants and trees to be planted in the area.

I added an area to add apartments, in hopes that the existing/new businesses along with apartments could turn that area into a walkable business district. If I was designing it, I would make it to where as many trees were kept on the land as possible, instead of what is likely in it’s future: a clear cut, single family home development.

The only issue I see is the roundabout on the arterial north/south road getting congested, but very rarely is traffic backed up to the point where I added the roundabout.

Because I’m not an urban planner, I’m not exactly sure how this would work in the real world. As such, any and all criticism is more than welcome.

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