Urban Planning

If you had to build a 50 mile, one building city in North America, where would you place it and why? : urbanplanning

Following the Saudi model of Neom we would want to place it near water features and mountains for scenic/touristic reasons. The land will have to be flat enough for a major airport and connectable to the interstate highways.

Ideally in a hot dry place since the idea is to conserve water and energy use, but also be away from flooding and earthquake zones. Easy seaport access will also be important.

This will likely have to be built on Federal Land to take private property rights into consideration. Like [Erda, Utah ](http://Erda https://maps.app.goo.gl/iMLgA6nbiZg7scodA) or the salt flats near there.

As climate change sets in the Arctic sea passage will be the world’s main thoroughfare, so a mega project in one of the Alaskan or BC valleys or fjords would be ultra dope.

Or if we can annex whatever we want, just place it in LA and earthquakeproof it.

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