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Meeting with City Councilmember’s and their office to talk about cycling in my City. Tips? : urbanplanning

I recently sent a detailed email giving positives and critiques of my city’s active transportation plan, which was underwhelming and in many instances had at best marginal improvements to ensure safe cycling for all ages and abilities. To my surprise, I was actually asked to come in and give a presentation to one of my councilmember’s staff on my thoughts on the ATP and a Zoom call a few days later with another councilmember themselves.

I’m quite nervous as to what I will say but I have been educating myself for a long time on the issue and I feel like I could give a significantly informative evaluation of the state of cycling in this City and what to do to create a cycling city.

But if you can provide some tips as to what I should stress on, what are some tips on how to communicate with my City Council, and anything else. I’m going to link the email I wrote to my City. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much!

E-mail I wrote to each Councilmember.

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