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How does Dutch transit signal priority work? : urbanplanning

I watched this video by the Ontario traffic man: https://youtu.be/LSnSeyG74fw

It was very interesting. In it, it described how Dutch TSP is superior to North American TSP because of multi stage crossings.

How exactly does it work? According to the video transit vehicles are detected about 10 seconds in advance, and since transitways have their on pedestrian crossings that also tend to be short (about 6-7m), it only takes around 10 seconds for pedestrians to clear the transitway. Practically, this means that pedestrians can be cleared before the transit vehicle arrives.

But, he also said “The clearance time for any motor traffic will be way less than 10 seconds.” Why is that? Does motor traffic get an automatic red light? I thought signal preemption was generally a bad idea when applied to transit (or so I’ve heard)?

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