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Hi all, this is my first post here. I’m a planning intern at a township in Michigan. I just began researching what other cities and towns off-street parking ordinances look like. This is in preparation for an update to our parking ordinance this fall (much of which is in place from the 70’s).

The director suggested I look first at a few adjacent townships as well as some that are comparable in population, types of businesses, etc. They also mentioned four key parts of our ordinance: parking spaces per use type, dimensions of parking lots, lighting, and landscaping.

Our township is about 50,000 residents with over 10% growth since 2010. Has some of the wealthiest suburbs in the region, majority is liberal. Very car dependent, non-motorized infrastructure is sidewalks and paths that run between neighborhoods. A few arterial streets, two that intersect with pretty high traffic volumes, having currently majority commercial and some future mixed use zoning up and down the corridors.

I’ve got a foundation of 15 comparable places’ ordinances right now; I haven’t been able to get to them all yet, but one that I saw seemed comparable, but more detailed and less limiting in development. Plainfield, MI you want to take a look here.

To wrap this up, one key thing I’ve noted so far when comparing our ordinance to Plainfield, MI, is that our parking spaces per use requires parking for every single use, with the option of deferral at the discretion of the planning department and commission. Plainfield’s ordinance is quite the opposite, stating for many use types that applicants must show a demand for parking to have any for themself. There is already plenty of parking in most suburban towns of Michigan, so I believe this would save developers costs for certain uses here. This also saves planning time for businesses that would otherwise request deferrals.

Our ordinance also is pretty short and sweet for bike parking standards, as the township has never had much dedicated bike infrastructure. There is also only one ordinance for lighting, stating it shall not be viewable from other parcels.

If you are interested in this, I would love to hear your thoughts on where else I should research off street parking ordinances! Am I on the right track? Thank you guys for any help. Feel free to message also.

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