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Real Estate Secrets That Will Boost Your Career

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The real estate market is a ruthless one that is constantly shifting. You can’t study real estate like it’s a set in stone subject because much like other businesses, it’s always evolving and you have to keep up with trends and set new ones in order to make it big. You can, of course, follow in the wake of the more successful and daring real estate agents, but you’ll never get a big breakthrough moment that way. In order to become a successful real estate agent, you need to understand the buyers and have a deep connection with how each individual client of your thinks. Once you’ve established that, you’ll be able to successfully grow your brand and boost your career to the next level.

So to give you some advice, here are a couple of recent real estate secrets that come and go and have the ability to give you a nudge in the right direction.

Real estate secrets that will boost your career

Appearances Count

Show up to a meeting with your client in jeans and a sweater and they might think twice about having you as their realtor. Make sure that your hair is trimmed or kept neat and ensure you have a nice suit that screams professionalism. Speak politely and don’t overwhelm your clients, give them some space to breathe and don’t drown them in useless facts. Make sure you’re knowledgeable about everything in real estate as well and try to learn facts that are above and beyond your scope to give your clients the full package. In short, appear knowledgeable and give your clients a reason to put their faith in you.

In addition to your own appearances, the house you are selling also has to look the part. Make sure the grass is trimmed, ensure the garden is kept neat and arrange furniture that is appropriate for the season. For instance, in summer, you want to let as much natural light in as possible, so this means de-cluttering the home and giving your rooms a lot of space. When it’s winter, you want to create the illusion of a cosy and comforting atmosphere, meaning you should pack furniture a little tighter, turn on the fireplace, and kick the heating up a bit so that you and your clients are sheltered from the chilly outdoors.

Real estate secrets that will boost your career

Sell a Dream, Not a House

One of the mindsets you need to get into is selling dreams, not just a house. Homes are expensive investments and your buyers are likely going to live there for a long period of time. As a result, you need to sell them not just the house, but the entire package. One of the best exercises to do in order to get into the mind of your clients is to try and see the world from their eyes. For instance, if you see a couple with a pregnant woman, then assume that they want to start a family. Sell them the house by feeding their dreams. Tell them how lovely the garden is for children, show them the extra room they can turn into a nursery, and tell them about local schools.

When describing the house to buyers, don’t list boring facts. Instead, focus on showing them what you mean instead. If you want to talk about the orientation of the house and how it lets in a lot of natural light, then show them an example. Take them into a room where the light is beaming in and tell them how wonderful it is, how it makes the room feel a lot larger, and how uplifting it will be to wake up to a sunny and bright room.

Real estate secrets that will boost your career

Don’t Over-Exaggerate

This is something you have to avoid. Most people can tell when you’re selling them something that is over exaggerated. You’ll either pause a lot during your speeches or you’ll say something that completely contradicts common sense or the home in front of them. Don’t try to “sell” a home in this sense, simply touch on the good points of a house and be optimistic about what it offers. Is the garden a little small? Don’t say it can be expanded or give them false hopes. Tell them the advantages of a small garden and sell them on the idea of it.

You also don’t want to exaggerate listings either. Get all the measurements right and be truthful when you describe the house. Unless you want to anger your clients and disappoint them, get all of your facts straight before you decide to sell them something that isn’t real. You also don’t want to exaggerate the surroundings. For instance, if a home is situated by a train station, then don’t say it doesn’t run very often and that noise isn’t an issue. If the home is close to local stores, then don’t lie and say they’ll provide you with all the groceries you could ever need if they’re just simple general stores.

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