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Four Features That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

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Four features that will make your home stand out

High Ceilings

One of the most important things to encounter in any home is space. No one wants to feel cramped in their own home. A lot of the time, even if there isn’t much floor space, high ceilings give the illusion of space – particularly when they’re paired up with large windows that let in plenty of light along with pale colours on the walls. Not only do high ceilings give your home a feeling of infinite space, but they also help you to make focal points of your light fittings – no one wants to add a spectacular chandelier to a room with low ceilings and spend half their life trying to stop themselves from walking into it.

An Extension

Four features that will make your home stand out

If you plan to sell your home any time soon, then an extension will be a huge selling point – and even if you aren’t planning to sell, it’ll make your family life considerably more enjoyable, simply by providing you all with a little more space. Make sure that your extension has a function – maybe you want a larger kitchen so you can fit a family dining table in there, or you want a den where your children can play and hang out with their friends in the evenings. No matter the reasons for your extension, it will dramatically improve your home.

An Incredible Entrance Hall

Four features that will make your home stand out

A lot of people underestimate the importance of an entrance hall, but the truth is that as the first thing you see when you get home every evening, and the first thing visitors see when entering your home, it’s really a more crucial space than you might think. An entrance hall can add to the ebb and flow of your home – if it’s smaller and more poky, it will be a relief to emerge into the relative space of your living room, whereas if it’s big it can enable your home to feel broad and spacious. Features like a cantilevered staircase, bookshelves (show off all the literary greats that you’ve never quite got around to reading!) and spectacular light fittings can also enable your hallway to feel like a really important space in your home.

Add A Fireplace

Four features that will make your home stand out

Let’s face it: when it’s wintertime, all you really want is for your home to feel as warm and cozy as possible, and a lot of the time a fireplace is the perfect way to achieve that. Whether you have a roaring log fireplace or a beautiful modern electric one, it provides a place for your family to huddle around when the weather outside is rotten (which it still is in plenty of places this time of year!). When the fire isn’t on, you can use your mantelpiece as a place to display family photographs and pieces of art, along with gloriously fragrant fresh flowers. If you’re going for a more rural effect, stick to wood and brick fireplaces, but if you want a more elegant look then why not paint it cream to fit in with your walls?

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