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El 22 / jsª

Facing a peruvian beach, 30 miles from Lima, El 22 is arranged with 4 beach apartments suitable for families. It’s rectangular terrain has 389 m2 of area and spectacular views to the marine landscape. Showing respect to the complex’s regulations, the project dares to expose at 2.00mts of height from the “malecón”, with such space that includes pool, waiting area, patio, kitchen and services.

El 22 / jsª

The design concept deals with articulating the apartments as independent and over imposed volumes, generating a diverse composition between interior and exterior spaces. Each one of the livable spaces seeks to reinforce the action of looking at the landscape, resulting an appealing design in relation to the privileged views, as well as a subtle and articulated composition that responds to the “malecón”.

El 22 / jsª

The project accomplished 4 apartments of approximately 185 m2, with an arrangement of spaces articulated by a great central patio. This façade is revolved by an operable surface of wood that permits multiple appearances of the space and the common space beholds the preference to the most attractive view of the bay.

El 22 / jsª

The structural solution shows wide open spaces free of any elements, creating big clearances that are being reinforced by operable enclosures and allowing a diffused relation between interior-exterior. It is a project with great layout development that is strategically solved, with the total exploitation of spaces and their relation with the landscape.

Project Details:
Location: Bay beach at Lima, Perú.
Type: Residential
Architects: JSA –
Project Completion: 2010.
Number of units: 4 apartments.
Average surface area of apartments: 185m2.
Total construction area: 995m2.
Design Team: JSª Javier Sánchez, Irvine Torres, Juan Reyes, Héctor Hernández and Francisco de la Concha.
Renders: Gerardo Fonseca.
Models: Edith Razo, Isabel Medina and Anayetzi Ruiz.
Structural Engineering JSª : Fernando Valdivia and Sergio Barrios.
Installation Engineering: JPR Proyectos.
Construction Development: Buckle y Konno.
Wood: Peru Lumber, Ing. Jorge Tintorer.
Photographer: Eduardo Hirose.

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