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Urban Digital Twins – what are your thoughts? : urbanplanning

Lately, I’ve come across a few examples of such implementations and I’m quite impressed with the level of detail and data often incorporated in those projects. Just to name a few, we’ve got CityZenith


or VirtualCity

Front page

And here for example you have Helsinki:




Or Poznań, Poland. Very nicely done (barrier language it tough to overcome, but I think putting it through Google Translate might help)


I knew someting like this existed but I was frankly suprised with the implementation of such things as BIM or IoT, planning regulations, Point Clouds, solar potential, demographics (and other statistics), noice pollution and so on.

I am curious about your thoughts. What do you think about such projects? Is it generally a future of planning? What it lacks? Do you think there is some unused potential? Maybe it needs more versatility or better data interchangability?

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