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I am an 18 year old senior in high school. For one of my final grades, we get to present about a social issue effecting our community, and the best presentation will receive help getting to present at a town hall.

For my project, I am planning on doing a photography series along with a speech. I want pictures taken from regular people in their neighborhoods. I would absolutely LOVE if anyone would like to submit any pictures that I could use. I’m focusing on photographing the vast waste of land and the ugliness of my car dependent neighborhood, however it would also be extremely useful if anyone in a nice walkable neighborhood could also submit pictures! I think having photos taken by regular people just walking/driving/etc through their cities could really highlight what it’s like from the perspective of a regular person.

If you would like to provide a small anecdote on how your city’s design/planning has effected your life, that would also be helpful, however not at all required! Here’s a link to my pictures I captured on a half hour drive to the grocery store.

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