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Are Sim City Megatowers Feasible in real life? : urbanplanning

This is what a Sim City Megatower looks like,

It doesnt have to be that tall and big tho because thats just not physically possible. But the sim city concept is basically the tower is a gigantic structure around as big as 5-6 skyscrapers containing residential, offices, commercial areas, free spaces and parks, schools, other districts etc, and its meant to house a lot of people.

I think this could potentially reduce a lot of traffic/ at least centralize it to one place, so you could just provide a lot of public transport and accessibility to that one structure if implemented well. It should also convert most land travel into vertical travel which is a lot more efficient cus its mostly just foot traffic/ pedestrians.

I also hear in Whittier, Alaska they have a small scale version of this where everyone lives in one 14 story building and everything they need is in the same building, but this is meant more for their survival as the city is often covered by snow and blizzards.

Do you guys think megatowers are feasible as a city structure, like lets say if you had 100 thousand people/businesses/etc. willing to move in to make a new “city” in the megatower. Or is a sprawled city with good roads and public transport more practical?

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