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Are bicycle boulevards actually less safe than bike lanes on Arterials? : urbanplanning

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I opened a complaint with my county (Washington Co. Oregon) about a bike lane on a 45+ arterial filled with glass from accidents. I was forced onto this road because the bike boulevards network in the area was incomplete. They referred me to their Bicycle Infrastructure Toolkit which states that on page 11 that bicycle boulevards are the least safe type of bicycle infrastructure. According to them, I had more protection on the arterial with a bike lane where the paint had been worn away on curves from cars than on a bicycle boulevard like I used to ride on in Portland Oregon.

Is there something I am missing? I do not understand their logic, as I would take my toddler in a bike trailer on a boulevard with proper traffic calming and infrastructure but would NEVER take them on an arterial with a bike lane. They made this toolkit in 2012, and I felt like this was common knowledge back then.

They are smarter people than me and spent a lot of time and effort in developing this toolkit, so I want to understand their reasoning. I did not see anything in their toolkit explaining why they rated the infrastructure so low safety.

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