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Does “missing middle” get us to walkable density? : urbanplanning

Hello professionals:

I live in one of those counties where missing middle is all the rage (not for me personally. Abolishing zoning entirely/market zoning are all the rage with me personally). While it will undoubtedly create more affordable housing, I’m wondering if it will potentially increase traffic and parking issues.

Specifically, my understanding is that townhouses are barely walkable density, and duplexes and ADUs are nowhere close. Without mixed use enablement, none of the new developments are actually walkable, since there’s nowhere to go. Is it possible that the generally delusional and self-serving criticisms of upzoning might actually be correct in this specific instance?

But, on the flipside, if the zoning code enabled townhouses and medium density mixed use everywhere, traffic and parking would not be concerns?

In case it’s relevant, our busses suck, and we have some of the worst traffic in America.

P.S. On a related note – for those of you who work with communities that did enable blanket upzoning to walkable medium density, what made it happen? How can I help get these reforms across the finish line?

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