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The Obvious Secret to Sprawl : urbanplanning

Recently came back to Adelaide for Easter and noticed the development of attractive two storey terrace style homes with small gardens, seem to be the dominant form of infill and there is a lot of them. Started doing some googling because this seemed quite different to Perth where I live in a similar sort of suburb to where I’m staying in Adelaide.

As it turns out something like 83% of Adelaide new build is infill. It’s less than half in Perth, despite the good intentions of planning authorities and the cries for help from the banksia woodlands and the cockles that love them. Adelaide’s targets for Deferred Urban zoning are never needed, and it has 20 years worth in the hinterland.

Now it’s obvious but it wasn’t to me before. In the late 60s like everywhere in Australia he dominant planning ideology was freeways, freeways, freeways. When I first moved to Adelaide I noticed there were none, at least in the city itself, freeways started on the periphery and travelled out, to Mt Barker and Melbourne, south to McLaren Vale etc.

Diggin further I came across this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolitan_Adelaide_Transport_Study the clever planners came up with grand freeway scheme like their WA counterparts but in progressive Adelaide (with its world-famous Parklands) these plans were shouted down. So these freeways were never built, and that seems to be the rather obvious answer to avoiding sprawl. And saving the cockies.

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