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Where is the room for idealism when the “market” is adverse to risk and won’t build anything cool? : urbanplanning

I learned about this development on the edge of my home city. They’re wanting to do some cut and run development that may as well be from 30 years ago.

It’s not a great site for creating something groundbreaking but what they’re doing now certainly doesn’t turn any heads.

This is the plan:

Algodón Center May See Major Res. Developments

I would have figured making a pedestrian/two lane bridge at Osborn leading into a pedestrian-focused land use plan would open up gallons of opportunities. The developers have all the zoning they want in Phoenix to do something cool but they just still want to put out the same unimaginative crap from decades ago.

It looks like they’re moving forward with this. Phoenix is one of those cities where they’ll let you build nearly anything.

What can cities do to push developers into higher densities and better land use planning?

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