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Any ideas on how to redevelop a sprawling, spread-out surface parking lot? : urbanplanning

I’m just wondering if anybody has had any experience with this. I’m not talking about the giant square parking lots where it’s easy to see what to do with it – I’m thinking, for example, about my apartment complex. It’s got WAY more parking spots than it needs, as evidenced by the fact that our apartment complex is 100% rented and about 30-40% of the parking spaces are always empty anyway. But it’s parking weaved between a few dozen buildings, not in a single lot somewhere. I’ve seen a few apartments/condos with parking built like this, between several large buildings, and I always wonder how this could POSSIBLY be redeveloped.

This is my apartment complex, and what I’m wondering about in particular. For context, each building in the complex houses 8 apartment units.

Has anyone ever tried to fix something like this? There’s technically probably enough space in some of the areas to literally just build another building and make everything a walkable courtyard, but the complex was clearly designed for doors to face streets, and in some cases it wouldn’t be possible to infill without doing significant renovations to existing buildings because they include car garages and driveways.

In a building complex like this, are there any creative solutions that wouldn’t involve tearing down the buildings?

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