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HUD Rate for Debris Removal Inquiry : urbanplanning

Hello I work in the Mortgage Field Services / REO Preservation field and a client of mine is stating that the HUD rate for a debris removal per cubic yard is $50.

This is far lower than the price presented by their own cost estimating software, XactPRM by Xactware, which is the metric for “fair” pricing for all other work types.

The average cost for cy debris removal in XactPRM is ~$75-100 depending on state / region.

When I researched the $50 HUD rate, the most recent source I could find with this rate was from 2016, so I imagine pricing would’ve adjusted with inflation and market changes.

Really appreciate if anyone knows how I can find the HUD rate for debris removal or knows of a good source to track this info down for rebuttal purposes. Also other good subs where I could post for assitance would help.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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