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Hi all,

I could really use some insight into the industry. I’m a little over a year out of college with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and have been interviewing for positions in the industry over the last 8 months while working my current job not in a relevant industry. Positions applied to include Transportation/Environmental Planner, Planning Technician/Aide, Environmental Scientist (with CEQA). Interviewed for about 10. Got 2 of them (most recent).

I went to a lower-tier University of California school that didn’t afford me many marketing opportunities so I’ve just been pushing myself with interviews. I definitely was bad with them in the beginning and now would like to think I am decent with planning interviews.

I recently got 2 offers, one working as a Planning Technician for a large City, and one as a Transportation Associate for a County Metro organization.

I’ve been struggling deciding between the 2. There is a significant (~50% more with City) disparity in pay, but it seems like the County organization is much more project oriented with exposure to planning principles, whereas Planning Technician role more so oriented at disseminating information to the public and dealing with small housing permits and help with people applying for basic permits.

I’m in a position where I can make a decision right now not entirely financially based, but instead more on where I will grow the most. Where I will learn the most. I know they’re different specialties within planning, City is more municipal code/housing/development oriented, Metro is more Transportation principle oriented. I don’t have any experience in the industry, but both sound interesting – ideally I’d like to work on a Long Range Development Plan or just longer term projects in the future.

I also don’t know how difficult Planning Technician roles are to get? They’re supposed to be entry level. Would I be passing up a huge opportunity? I’ve applied to 25 positions through governmentjobs.com and this is the only one I’d ever heard back from and also even ended up getting.

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