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Need help with choosing modules for Urban Studies Degree : urbanplanning


I am in the process of applying to Urban Studies Master in Brussels, held jointly by VUB and ULB. I need to choose my two elective modules now and I have to pick them from this list:

Elective modules

For the background, I haven’t finished any closely related bachelor, I did law at University of Sheffield, but discovered during the course of these studies that I want to deal with cities, mainly sustainable transport and planning.

So my first choice is obvious – it’s Urban Mobility and Transport. I can also replace one module with an internship (for which I would gain ECTS points) and I am torn between going for that or choosing Urban Design.

As I said, I don’t have many previous academic knowledge about urban planning and Urban Design module could provide me with a nice upgrade. I feel it can be connected well with Urban Mobility, especially since it deals with sustainability, as you can see via the link.

Internships, though, would provide me with more applied knowledge, but there is no certainty I could land in some transportation authority, I do not know how much the Universities help students with finding the internship. I feel like under perfect conditions, Urban Design module could broaden my horizons and the internship would make my knowledge more specific. Also, there is still a possibility to look for an internship on my own, not for ECTS points, even during summer or so.

What would you advise me in such a situation?


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