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How far away from a city can the ripple effects of population growth be felt? : urbanplanning

Last month Intel announced a major new semiconductor fab site to be built just east of Columbus Ohio:

Intel’s press release

The general sentiment is that this is great for the local area in terms of jobs and drawing new people in. This project, plus the Intel suppliers who have announced plans to add facilities in the vicinity, and Facebook, Amazon, Google, and other companies’ ongoing builds seem poised to bring quite a bit of growth to central Ohio.

I can see New Albany absolutely exploding population-wise, but is there any way to know how far away we could see the benefits of development? I live in the Newark-Granville-Heath area, which is about a 20-25 minute drive from the fab site, and most people are excited for the new opportunities that come with a project like this. Some, however, are vehement that we are too far away and too small for anything to change here. This is mostly coming from people who enjoy their more rural lifestyle and don’t really want any extra people around, but are they right?

Edit: Maybe this is more of a regional planning question than urban planning. The city of Newark has spent a lot of money over the last 5-10 years on downtown revitalization and infrastructure upgrades, so it would be nice if people were around to use it! 😆

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