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Digital passports of buildings to be launched in Moscow

Digital passports of capital construction projects will be launched in Moscow. A passport will include a unique building identifier, information models and documents. The passport will allow monitoring the progress of capital construction projects from the design stage to involvement in tax turnover.

Big data

Each attribute of the digital passport is formed on the basis of data from urban planning documents, that will come from existing electronic databases and placed on a single platform.
Eduard Lysenko, Head of the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow, stressed that the use of big data is one of the key stages in the management of a modern metropolis.

Progress, compliance and risks

“Data analysis allows to get a complete and reliable picture of almost any process. This is objective information based on mathematical calculations, and this is precisely the value of such analytics in making management decisions. In the construction sector, big data will allow not only real-time monitoring of construction progress and compliance with deadlines, but also prevent possible risks,” – said Eduard Lysenko.

Client path

Access to the digital passport will allow the construction participants to form a client path, i.e. to plan all stages of the project taking into account its current state, and future residents to receive information about the progress of works and take part in solving urban planning issues.

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